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Help us understand your project by completing this product information wizard. We will use this information to help get your project off the ground. Don’t worry if you do not know all the components that go into creating a custom wet or dry wipe. Once you submit your project or idea, a sales project manager will follow up shortly to discuss with you the finer details of wet wipe product development. After the information gathering process is complete, a custom quote will be forwarded to you for your project consideration.

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    2. Substrates

    Do you already have a type of cloth or substrate in mind? We listed broad material options below. There can be hybrids, blends and many variations of each type of substrate. If you are unsure your project manager will help you decide the most suitable cloth for your project. Please select one to get started.

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    3. Formulation

    Formulation is a key component. We have proprietary formulas ready to go or create a hybrid formula to meet your requirements. Have your own formula? No problem. All formulations go through testing for PH balancing with proven preservative systems.

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    4. Fragrances

    Will your wipes project include a fragrance or be unscented?

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    5. Packaging

    Which type of packaging/dispensing method do you want for your custom wipes? Select a package style from the images below that best describes your vision. Wipe size and application will also help determine the type of packaging. Your project manager will assist you on available options.

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